Thanks for the nice review, Suzanne

A nice review of “E-business. A Management Perspective”  by a student at the coalface, commissioned by the Times Higher Education Supplement. Read it here. Thanks, Suzanne!

“… the real highlights, and what makes it stand out, are the case studies, which help emphasise the relevance of each topic. Dispersing the cases throughout the text rather than bundling them at the end of each chapter was a good decision. The author has recognised that an increasing amount of our time is spent online: facebooking or tweeting, shopping and checking our bank balances, reading the latest news and blog entries. Even when we are not online, we are often still immersed in technology. Where this textbook succeeds is in utilising the above examples in case studies to cover topics such as the economics of e-business, social and behavioural issues, digital marketing and e-business strategy.”


iPad – will it blend?

A small Easter treat. Good to know that within a couple of days of the iPad launch in the US, Blendtec has tested it to destruction. Will it blend? See here.