iPad – will it blend?

A small Easter treat. Good to know that within a couple of days of the iPad launch in the US, Blendtec has tested it to destruction. Will it blend? See here.


Zittrain on Apple

We cite Jonathan Zittrain’s work extensively in Chapter 5 of the book. Here’s an excellent critique in the Financial Times written by him recently, which sets out some thought-provoking questions for Apple enthusiasts.

Hyped.. hypad .. iPad?

Post with a selection of interesting links to iPad related marketing and reactance.

First, the original pitch by Rev’d Jobs, here.

Then the BBC/Click 5 minute critique, here.

Charlie Brooker’s great commentary in the Grauniad, here, including insightful quote of the week: “Apple excels at taking existing concepts – computers, MP3 players, conceit – and carefully streamlining them into glistening ergonomic chunks of concentrated aspiration.”

Gizmodo’s ‘8 things that suck about the iPad’ is here.

The fat iPhone without the phone, according to The Register.

Comedian Peter Serafinowicz’s take on the cheaper alternatives available.

Finally, thanks to one of my students for this link, and some creative subtitling of Hitler’s reaction after learning (amongst other things) that the iPad is not multi-tasking (warning – may offend and contains, as they say, strong language).