The collapse of complex business models?

Read Clay Shirky’s latest epistle on the ‘collapse of complex business models’, here. Are the parallels between Tainter’s comments on complex societies and businesses compelling? How would you critique this analogy?


News on news

We discuss the case of the Guardian Media Group’s foray into e-business in Long Case 6.2. The past few weeks have seen an enormous amount of attention and angst devoted to News International’s proposals – about to be implemented – to put a paywall around the UK Times and Sunday Times websites. £1 a day or £2 a week, after a free trial period. As someone remarked, that’s not far off the price of the BBC license fee in a year. I’m sure that I’ll be writing more about this as the evidence builds up one way or the other about the viability of this model for anything other than niche publications. That aside, a fascinating internal memo has been leaked from the desk of Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger, setting out his take on the situation – and no doubt seeking to reassure those working on the paper that the correct decisions have been made! You’ll find it below.

Rusbridger Email